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About Us

Since 1959, ZOLODA has faced the challenge of technological updating of production processes in a demanding and constantly evolving market. Our company has always met our customers’ requirements, and has even anticipated them by introducing new designs, materials and manufacturing methods, showing an undisputed leadership in most of our product lines.

Our products are designed, molded and produced in our 12,000 m2 industrial plant located in the city of Burzaco, province of Buenos Aires. ISO 9001:2015 standards endorse the quality of processes carried out in our plant.

Our broad range of terminal blocks, cable trunking systems and PVC-coated steel flexible conduits turn us into market leaders in connections and electrical conduits. Our products are manufactured under IEC standards and bear the Electrical Safety mark.

Among other aspects, manufacturing and selling products for electrical installations represent our core business. Our state-of-the-art instruments, infrastructure, equipment and machinery, as our highly-qualified staff allow us to keep up with very complex projects. The quality of ZOLODA’s products has granted us access to projects in petrochemistry, iron-and-steel industry and power generation, as well as to undertakings in oil, naval, air navigation, automotive and international nuclear power sectors.

Our company has entered into agreements with major European enterprises to place a broad range of electricity distribution and industrial control products in their markets.

Our products are sold both in the domestic and the off-shore markets through a vast network of resellers and dealers.

We appreciate our customers’ preference over the last years, and we are confident that they will continue relying on the quality of our products as much as on our devotion to meet their needs.