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Quality Policy

We, ZOLODA S.A., founded in 1959, working on the design, manufacturing and sale of low voltage electrical products, state as follows:

The main objective in our Quality Policy is to meet our customers’ expectations and requirements, observing applicable laws and regulations, while providing reliable products and services in a trustworthy organization. We feel it is our obligation to constantly improve our efficiency in order to meet that objective.

The manufacturing processes we apply, the quality of our products, our in-time delivery, as well as our search for the best suppliers are critical in our business and show our clients how dependable we are. All the members in our company are committed to the best performance of their responsibilities. By coordinating every process in our plant, our staff’s assignments are carried out to the full satisfaction of our customers’ needs, both internally and externally.

The internationally renowned certifications granted to our products will turn us into market leaders.

Our customers are our leitmotif and our aim is caring for their requirements in order to fully meet them. Our staff’s continuous training and education will be planned and focused on the improvement of their job in our working environment. The necessary processes and resources will be supplied to improve their performance, looking for a better quality management system on a daily basis.

Our General Management’s guiding principle is to ensure the compliance with the company’s objectives by enforcing an efficient quality management system under ISO 9001 international standards. The results from Quality Management will provide a continuous feedback to our company, calling for constant planning and follow-up. Our understanding, empathy and commitment are essential to the success of our job.

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