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BMFN-BMFP Fuse Bases

These bases offer the proper support for high breaking-capacity fuses.

Their special features allow them to meet thermal and mechanical high requirements during short-circuit.

They may be mounted on command and distribution boards.

BMFN for 8.5 mm x 31.5 mm fuses, from 1 to 20 A.

BMFN for 10 mm x 38 mm fuses, from 0.5 to 32 A.

BMFP for 14 mm x 51 mm fuses, from 2 to 50 A.

BMFP for 22 mm x 58 mm fuses, from 16 to 50 A.

* Made under IEC 60947-1/3 standards, resolution 92/98.

* Manufactured in self-extinguishing, high-temperature resistant polyester.

* Plated electrolytic copper contacts.

* Broad surface in contact with fuse (special design).

* Multi-pole linking by accessories (mountable by user).

* Labeling area included.

* Venting grids on terminal blocks area.

* Welded all along profiles (no possibility of creepage distance).

* To be fixed on 35 mm-DIN rail.

* 220/690 V fuse indicator (lighted when fuse is blown).

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