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Terminal Blocks

* These products are manufactured with top-quality insulation materials. The insulating housing is made of 6.6 polyamide in some lines, and of 152.7 melamine in others. With either material our products meet UL 94 – V0 standard on flame self-extinguishing conditions.

* They feature high rates on dielectric rigidity and resistance to surface currents.

* All current-conducting parts are manufactured in copper or top-quality copper alloy.

* All lines may be used with conductors from 0.5 to 240 mm2 and currents of up to 600 A.

* These terminal blocks may be mounted on 15, 32 and 35 mm DIN rails, conveying great versatility to the line.


Feed-through terminal blocks

ZOLODA offers a wide range of models to be used in the path or connection of an electric circuit. They are supplied in different colors (see specific catalog).

Double-deck and triple-deck terminal blocks are ideal for critical density of connections.

Ground terminal blocks

They are used with mounting rail, not only for mechanical purposes, but also as a ground bar, saving mounting space and time.

They are supplied in standardized yellow-green color.

Neutral terminal blocks

Neutral bars may be directly mounted on the terminal block, either to connect it to the rest of the circuits through an easy slide, or to insulate it from them.

The rest of the accessories, such as neutral bar, bar-tapping clamp and bar-holder are also supplied. All plastic accessories are provided in standardized blue color.

Fuse terminal blocks

They may hold 5 mm-diameter and 20 mm-long glass fuses.

The fuse can be removed without manipulating voltage-carrying elements.

An alternative terminal block with light indicator also features circuit-breaking visual sign.

Slide-on disconnect terminal blocks

They are especially suitable for terminal boards for measurement and control.

Knife disconnect terminal blocks

They are used for circuit control and measurement, and in other layouts requiring safe breaking of an electric circuit.

BKF – Fast-connection terminal blocks

Spring-cage system

This line features feed-through terminal blocks and ground terminal blocks from 1.5 to 10 mm2, fuse terminal blocks for 5 x 2 mm fuses, and knife disconnect terminal blocks. Clamping elements are made of stainless steel, whereas conduction elements are made of copper.

All feed-through and ground lines are INTI-certified under IRAM – IAP – IEC 79-7 standards: “Electric materials for explosive gaseous atmospheres, increased safety” (Ex).

Other types

The line of products is complemented by other terminal blocks with special features such as terminal blocks with diodes, plug-in terminal blocks, bolt-type screw terminal blocks, bar feed-through power terminal blocks, terminal blocks for printed circuits, double-deck terminal blocks and triple-deck terminal blocks for proximity and power sensors.

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