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Control Relays

Current industry requirements demand us to keep processes in proper operating conditions. With such a purpose, different parameters in the network must be monitored and the following requirements must be met:

CONTROL of the different parameters in the network and the electrical installation, such as voltage levels, presence of phases –especially in three-phase networks-, sequence and phase symmetry.

DATA supplied by the control relay is essential when it comes to monitoring the status of the system. RCZ relays offer visual and real-time signal of status, as well as the possibility to remotely transmit any change of status in the systems that have a built-in double-contact system.

SAFETY in control relays is high to prevent settings of front controls to be modified once power is connected. When power is disconnected from the module, the inner relay is disconnected breaking the connection with the charge.

TIMING in a line of production must be safely controlled. Up to ten different timing functions may be set with the RCZ-Timer.

ZOLODA’s Logic Programmable Controller, RCZ-LOGIC, is useful for the easy and practical automatization of simple industrial processes.

It may be programmed from the front pannel or using Soft Logic in a computer, simulating and documenting the program.

Inputs and outputs of the base controller may be expanded by the E-RCZ-LOGIC expanse module.

Its system for connection to the module facilitates a distributed design, since it is not necessary for it to be attached to the base module.

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