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Disconnect Switches

– SD modular series: 25 to 125A.

– VCP compact series: 125 to 3150A.

– VCF compact series, with fuse-holder base: 63 to 630A.

* They meet the regulations for implementation of electric installations in homes set forth by the Asociación Electrotécnica Argentina (Argentine Electro-technical Association).

* Three-pole and four-pole versions.

* Compact design. (In four-pole versions, neutral requires no additional module).

* High degree of mechanical resistance in insulating parts, low hygroscopicity and self-extinguishing capacity according to UL94, degree V0.

* 6-8 pole switches may be supplied.

* Wide range of calibers.

* Handles offer IP65 protection degree and admit lock-block in all cases, supplied in black or yellow-red.

* Neutral opens later and closes earlier than the rest of the phases.

* Provided in different alternatives of switching kits: horizontal, vertical and overlapped.

* They offer the possibility of motorization.

* Auxiliary contacts for all calibers are supplied.

* The position of the switch contacts may be easily seen.

* DIN front to place along with MCBs (for SD series).

* A wide range of accessories to prevent accidental contact may be supplied.

* Double-breaking, self-cleaning contacts.

* VCF series offer a blown fuse indicator.

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