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Industrial Trunking

* They meet the following Standards: IRAM 62084/IEC-61084-1

* Degree of protection: IP41

* Material: Insulating rigid PVC

* Flame propagation resistance: Self-extinguishing UL94, V0

* Insulation resistance: >100 MOhm

* Operation temperature: -5ºC a +60ºC

* Temperature resistant: 650ºC (glow wire test)

* The material has UV protection to prevent color fading and premature aging

Industrial Series

CKN line

* Created for an orderly array and distribution of electric conductors and mid voltage and low voltage switchboards of any kind, granting full protection against accidental contact, conveying perfect electric and mechanical insulation.

* Fast and easy mounting with few fastening points by snap-on rivets to be inserted in the base slots, offering great dimensional stability.

* Broad range of heights and sizes, to be supplied with or without side slots.

CKN-BL line

* For wire distribution, to protect insulation in conduits and to conceal pipes in wall surfaces.

* Un-pierced white-colored trunking is ideal for air conditioning installations, sanitary installations, heating systems, etc. allowing to conceal piping in wall surfaces.

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