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ZOLODA’s line of interfaces is used in PLCs in the automatization of the industry sector.

ZOLODA’s baseboards are manufactured in compliance with the following standards:

* UL 508.

* RoHS Directives.

* IEC 60664-1 (insulation).

* IEC 61984 (screw adjustment torque).

Whereas, the manufacture of relays meet the following standards:

* VDE.

* UL.

General characteristics of IZ interfaces:

* Wiring may be made with connection bridges.

* Conductors may be connected by screw or spring.

* Relay modules may be interchanged.

* An indication LED shows when relay is switched on.

* They have over-voltage protection.

* They offer a variety of electromechanical and optocoupler relays.


* In galvanic insulation between input and output.

* The interface may be selected according to the requirements of the different field devices and their respective installations.

* The maintenance of the control system operating the PLC is easy.

* The selection of the modules or outputs of the PLC is flexible. They may control input or output signals regardless of the voltage and power required.

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