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Metal Flexible Conduits

ZOLODA’s conduits protect electric conductors both from environmental harmful agents (water, dust or oil) and from mechanical impact (vibrations, bending or crushing). Their features combine the advantages of flexible and rigid conduits, making them ideal for connections with critical requirements such as motor outputs, outdoors intstallations and in the presence of water, oil and/or corrosion vapors.

* They meet IRAM 62386/IEC 61386-23 standards.

* IP degree of protection: IP 65.

* Material: galvanized steel, covered with a thick PVC sheath.

* Flame propagation resistance: self-extinguishing, UL 94 V0.

* Ambient air temperature for operation:  -5 ºC to 60 ºC.

* Temperature resistant: 750 ºC (glow wire test).

* The material is UV-protected to prevent premature aging.

Connectors are especially designed for the perfect coupling with the conduit to ensure water-tightness (as per IRAM 62386/IEC 61386-23 standards) and mechanical resistance. They are built in steel or zamak. They feature plastic nozzles to prevent wear and tear of electric conductors, protecting them from friction with the coupling. They are supplied in three presentations: male straight, female straight and 90º angle. Depending on the model, their diameter may be up to 4″. Standardly manufactured with BPS and NPT thread, other threads may be made on request.


Connector for rigid conduit

The HUB connector is ideal to connect rigid conduits to junction boxes or similar elements. Just by making a feed-through hole, this connector offers a watertight connection secured by a seal ring provided in the standard type. The connector is supplied with a female NPT thread, it is made of  aluminum, and the fastening nut is included.

Cable clamps for electric conductors

They have been especially designed to ensure the perfect coupling and water-tightness in outputs of electric conductors. Built in aluminum or zamak. They are supplied in two presentations: straight cable clamps and 90º angle cable clamps. The diameter in straight cable clamps is between ½” and 1¼” for 3 to 32 mm outer diameter cables; whereas the diameter in 90º angle cable clamps is between ½” and 1” for cables with an outer diameter between 3 and 25 mm. Standardly supplied with BPS thread, other threads may be supplied on request. They are sold in two different parts: the main housing with the same diameter of the installation lead-in; and the rubber bushing that is adjusted to the conductor.

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