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Rotary Cam Switches

These switches have been designed to be used as main switches, for engine control, for maneuver, etc.

This line includes a range of switches, rotary-cam switches, from 16A to 100A, in two different calibers:

Caliber 0: 16A.

Caliber 1: 32A, 63A and 100A.

* They meet the IEC 60947-3 Standards.

* There is a wide range of models for a broad variety of mounting options.

* Standardized or custom-made connection schemes according to the user’s requirements.

* Abrupt breaking mechanisms at 30A, 45A, 60A or 90A, according to scheme and requirements.

* Contact blocks are made in self-extinguishing glass-reinforced polyester, brass or copper contact brackets according to intensity, and silver-alloy contacts providing strong resistance to arc and welding between them.

* The maximum number of contacts is 24. (Tandem mounting may be made with 24 contacts or more, where two devices are operated by the same command).

* Connection by protected screw terminals.

* Fast fixing of front plate and command handle by simply pressing. General switches, front plate and command lever are red; the rest is gray. They are supplied with arrow command, except in the event the torque requires a pistol-grip handle (pistol-grip handle upon request).

* Devices are supplied with NV front plate. (NVR plate made on request. NVR plate enables top engraving).

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