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Terminal Boards for Measuring and Control

ZOLODA BMC series of terminal boards for measuring and control meet the requirements on mechanical robustness, easy and safe operation, and reliability in the event of risk of electric shock to which operators are liable.

BMCs are made up by a set of disconnect slide terminal blocks based on model BPSN-CR-PP. The material of the housing is self-extinguishing 6.6 polyamide (V0-UL94 degree), whereas cables up to 10 mm2 may be used. Conductive parts are made of tin-plated copper, and the screw of the section slide is made of brass; therefore, there are no ferrous elements on the way of the current.

These terminal blocks are certified under IEC 60947-7-1 standard by IRAM, and they bear the Electric Safety seal granted by the Argentine Secretariat of Industry and Trade in compliance with Resolution 169/18.

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